Baby, It's Cold Outside


by James Tuttle

Gentle reader,

Holy shit, it’s cold out there!  In addition to that, water actually fell right out of the air last weekend, confusing many of us here in Los Angeles.  One minute, things were perfectly normal and the next, there was water everywhere.  It was weird.  At least the cold weather and this crazy water thing gives us a chance to change things up because, after such a long, beautiful L.A. summer of jersey frocks and cargo shorts, we finally have a reason to pull out some real clothes and dress in style.

Benjamin Godfre shows us how to dress for chilly weather. (Photo: R. Day)

Some interesting (and not in a good way) outerwear choices that I’ve seen guys sporting over the last few cold nights inspired me to check into men’s outwear trends for this year and, well, there’s nothing too startling to report.  And I know I’m late coming to this one because a lot of you guys across the globe have been navigating the snow and matching your wool scarves to your eye color for months already.  Well, better late than never, so listen up, you might learn something because a bird in the bush… Damn! I thought I was on a cliché roll there.  Anyway, it just got cold here, so this is it.