It's In Your Jeans


by James Tuttle

Gentle reader,

An iconic new American tradition is about to join the ranks of “mom, baseball and apple pie” and put a little bounce in the step of our national identity.  That’s right, my friends, the first annual Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day was celebrated in West Hollywood right smack in the middle of last weekend’s pre-Halloween craziness.  It takes something big to get those WeHo queens to stop worrying about how to pull off the smallest Halloween costume possible without getting arrested, but it actually worked out quite nicely, considering the go-go boys also have to figure out how to pull off the smallest go-go outfit possible without getting arrested.

Every time Raymond Zommer loses his wallet down the front of his shorts, we sigh a little deeper. (Photo: T. Synnamon)

We dragged our friend Kelly, who was visiting from New York, to meet up with the guys at the newly re-opened and very crowded Revolver on Santa Monica Boulevard on Saturday and took in the sights from there.  In addition to the guys shaking their junk at Mickey’s, Eleven and Revolver, the adjacent street was closed off for the go-go boy competition that featured awards for categories such as Hottest Jock, Best Bootie and Best Package.  Isn’t that sweet?  And there was even a little stage set up down the street in front of the yogurt shop so that families with underage members could enjoy the festivities, too.