Ricky Retardo


by Eric J Baker

I was all excited to review the new Ashley Judd primetime drama, Missing, until I realized I’d actually have to watch it. Because how can a show about an ex-CIA agent turned MILF tracking down her kidnapped son possibly work? If she finds her son, the show ends. If she doesn’t find her son, she looks like an idiot.

Ashley Judd Naked

Judd slipping up. Literally.

I still love me some Ashley Judd (I watched Twisted in the theater, for Christ’s sake). In fact, she’s the most appealing Judd in the entertainment business, and that includes Jud from Oklahoma, the world’s most boring musical. But I just can’t get enthused for a TV series with plot inertia built into the premise. Maybe you should review it and let me do the reading for once. Could you be more selfish and lazy?