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New York and London Fashion Weeks: It’s Highlights, People!

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The fashion carousel spins around once again, holding many breathless in anticipation of what will be coming our way for Fall/Winter 2014-2015.  I am not so spellbound this time myself, mostly because I’m too goddamned busy running around trying to sell clothes for this spring and driving back and forth to the Desert building a skin care empire.  It would be remiss of me, though, to ignore the New York and London Fashion Weeks entirely so I’m going to share a couple of the most intriguing moments and be on my goddamned busy way.

Most go-to fashion news sources regularly fail to feature the amusing shows from The Blonds at each NYFW and I’m guessing it may have something to do with the line’s marketability. 

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Get Your Kit On: Overview of NYFW Spring 2014

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I, for one, am a little confused about the announcements about the new iPhone 5c and 5s yesterday.  The 5s is going to be stronger, thinner and faster and will come in subdued gold, silver or gray with super luxurious leather covers for this model because the geniuses at Apple have finally realized that they have been missing out on the hugely lucrative market of iPhone covers.  The 5c, on the other hand, incorporates a glossy new plastic case available in five bright colors and a matte rubber case in a bunch of other bright colors (sold separately, of course) so that you can make that thing as colorful as you possibly can.  From the launch video, it appears that the iPhone 5c

Thom Browne

Why Thom Browne Is So Relevant

First off, the title of this piece isn’t what I want to say at all.  It’s a deliberate misuse of the word ‘relevant’; its misapplication is a low-level humming annoyance for me these days.  I feel it’s a hipsterism that is infecting the language.  It’s the ‘organic’ of this era, a word that was wantonly misused at the beginning of this century in every creative pitch from London to L.A. via New York

Put the Blame on Mame, Boys


by James Tuttle (@TuttleMode)

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After playing some wildly fun chukkers at Bel Air Polo Club followed by a busy day with some of my favorite clients that rivaled the conspicuous consumption of the Nineties, I just wanted to camp out on the couch while watching TV and intermittently gazing at Brad Pitt’s W Magazine cover.  I poured a glass of wine and scrolled down the cable guide when I spotted a show called “Fashion Week” on QVC and thought, “Holy shit, that’s awesome!  Now I don’t have to search out every obscure collection on YouTube to find out what’s going on at New York Fashion Week!”

Rafael Lazzini doesn't have the slightest relationship with NYFW. (Ph: Stewart Shining)

I thought I’d scored when NY Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis appeared in a lovely mocha caftan and her signature frizzy hair standing next to a glamazon in a tight pink dress, who looked like that hot chick who turns out to be an android in those sci-fi movies.  They were chatting about how the weather is always crappy during Fashion Week, then they turned their attention to some multi-strand bead necklaces that Fern herself has designed and they’re for sale, like, right now by calling 1-800-345-1515!