Allah To Put Up With


by James Killough

What set me off yesterday was driving to lunch in Weho with my friend Louise Ward.  No, it wasn’t the fact that I knew Louise had scheduled lunch at the café in department boutique Fred Seagal’s just so she could get some shopping in as well as seeing me.  I have long since let any irritation over Louise’s ADHD give way to admiration and even a little envy that I don’t have it myself.  The cause of my tutting was yet another program on NPR, this one about the Arab Spring, which has now officially given over into some sort of Arab Scorched-Earth Summer.

Caro & Jeunet's "City of Lost Children" captures a type of Steampunk style, which uses anachronistic technology of the kind the Victorians might have envisioned as the future.

At a certain point over pasta primavera, Louise mentioned how there was a scandal about a certain someone saying something un-PC about Muslims.  “Oh, fuck that,” I blurted.  “The Muslim world is like a Steampunk version of the Middle Ages with modern technology.  Say whatever you want about them.  I’ve had enough.”

Quit While You’re Behind


by James Killough

I keep telling Baker and Tuttle that we’re moving away from this whole Marcus “Marcia” Bachmann gay thing, but then something pops up to keep it current, like my buddy Shawn Riegsecker sending me this wonderful YouTube vid yesterday:

I don't even know where Minnesota is exactly, but God I wish I'd been there for this.

If you are too lazy to watch the video (just click on the image above; I didn’t embed the video), it shows a bunch of gay neo-barbarians “glittering” Marcia’s ex-gay clinic in Minnesota.  For those who aren’t up to date on this, Marcia uses government money to try to brainwash Gheys via scalding enemas of self-hatred and magical thinking (a.k.a. religion) into denying who they really are.  What she is doing is so beyond outrageously offensive and borderline criminal that it needs to be hosed down with serious humor and satire, the only effective antidotes to the poison of evil intentions.