Destinee Hooker Naked

Jurassic Jersey

Let’s go ahead and admit that we’re both sick to death of this stupid Chick-Fil-A story that won’t go away and then talk about something else. Do you know what that something is? Animatronic dinosaurs!

Other states’ hokey roadside attractions include such thrilling sights as giant balls of twine and museums dedicated to barbed wire. Not here in Jersey. When you pull off the highway in Jersey, we give you 31 actual-size animatronic dinosaurs that blink, roar, claw, look around, breathe, and wag their tails!

You gotta problem widdat?

Solar City Tower in Rio de Janeiro

Water from Heaven

Sorry for the unfashionably religious title to this post, but when we see things like the Solar City Tower being erected for the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, we start gnashing our teeth and talking in tongues.