Duane Michals boy and the mirror

Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Jamie,

I’m going to call you that because it was your name as a child before the headmaster in high school changed it to James.  I know, I’m writing this to you as you were up until your mid-thirties or so, and the name was changed when you were a teen, but you get the symbolism.  C’mon, don’t raise your eyes like that!  That’s something we definitely need to talk about: patience.  One of your favorite quotations, “Impatience is a virtue of youth,” is absolute rubbish.

A Tale That’s Too Shitty


by Eric J Baker

It was the best of times, it was the worst of…

Hold on. My editor tells me that opening is taken already. That’s all right; I wasn’t married to it. The construction is passive and the comma should be a semi-colon anyway. I don’t know what rank amateur came up with that clunker, but I’m sure I would have fixed it on my second pass. I’ll start again after you take a moment to enjoy the pretty picture.


Humans of the future: Oil slick for clothing, pink hair, and designer booty.

Our world is on the cusp of epochal changes in medicine, energy, and transportation that were dreams of fantastical science fiction a mere 50 years ago. We are truly becoming a planetary society that, within 100 years, will have knifeless surgery, orbiting solar panels beaming down clean microwave power, and superconductors that produce almost no pollution and send magnetic trains cross-country in but a few hours. We will have all-purpose, shape-shifting, one-stop-shop electronic devices that eliminate the need for all other gadgets, and we will enjoy the clean air that comes about when nuclear fusion powers our cities and helps end the tumultuous era of fossil fuels. None of us will be there to experience it, but our youngest children might.