Forest Whitaker

REVIEW: ‘The Butler’ Serves Up a Tepid Take on a Hot Topic

Lee Daniels’ film about the civil rights movement as seen through the eyes of a White House butler was in trouble well before it opened. The filmmakers, which include thirty-nine various forms of producer, ran afoul of Warner Brothers in a spat over the title. Arcane and somewhat illegal MPAA bylaws (titles cannot legally be copyrighted) state that MPAA signatories — i.e. studios — cannot use the exact same title. Warners owns the rights to an obscure silent film of the same name and gave distributor Harvey Weinstein a hard time,

Oprah Fixes Herself

We've been saying for a while that the only way for Oprah to stop hemorrhaging money and pull auds back in is to get back out there and have her own OWN show. Well, it seems that $330 million in losses have finally made up her mind, and she's launching a...