I'll Have Your Sacred Cow Medium Rare, Please


by James Killough

Incidents like the protests in Afghanistan over the accidental Quran burnings a couple of weeks ago are always surprising for a post-atheist like me.  I am so on the other side of the religion discussion that I refuse to be ‘a-’ or ‘non-’ anything; why should I be labeled as the negation of something that doesn’t exist in the first instance?  The reason these fatal protests were alarming is it becomes increasingly hard to imagine why anyone would lay down his life in the defense of religion, much less in indignation over an unintentional slight.

Why Crocker? See item two.

Nothing is sacred.  Period.  To proclaim an object, a place, a grouping of words and stories written by a bunch of deranged men centuries or millennia ago as something inviolable and worthy of veneration is heresy against humanity.  All scriptures, be they the Quran, the Bible/Torah, or the Vedas are instruments of tyranny and oppression.