Slip A Sable Under the Tree


by James Tuttle

Gentle reader,

While Scott was out the other day, I changed the channel away from Oprah’s Life Class that had been playing on a loop and filling us with good energy and positive affirmations.  She frequently has some fascinating topics but I guess I needed a kind of improvement show with some improvements that I could actually see.  HGTV was no help because, as you’ve probably guessed, the dreaded and pointless House Hunters and House Hunters International shows were on for the next nine hours and it wasn’t really a good night for any of the real networks.  After scrolling all the way down to the Food Network, I noticed that one of PFC contributor Eric’s favorites called Restaurant: Impossible was on so I poured a glass of red and settled in.

Nick Ayler: No improvement needed. (Ph: Rick Day)

I think I lucked out because this particular episode tackled a Mexican restaurant and we all know that nachos and margaritas are quite close to my heart.  This place was in Strongsville, Ohio, though, and I’m not sure how well Mexican food is interpreted in places like that.  If this show is anything to go by, it doesn’t fare so well.