Snails by Adam Oehlers

Tick Tock: The Race Is on for Pepper Pumperdine

I don’t normally promote my own work in progress on this site; as most people in the film business know, the best way to have your movie never see the light of day is to make big announcements before you’ve begun shooting, much less wrapped the sucker.

That isn’t the case with my children’s book, Pepper Pumperdine and the Fashion Fairy.  It’s been written, it’s been tested on its target audience (in New York City, no less—tough customers even at nine years old),

Ciao, Diane!

“Wow! What an amazing honor!” was our first reaction on Facebook when we saw that there was an exhibition dedicated to Diane Pernet in Milan, which opened this weekend in conjunction with her A Shaded View on Fashion Film festival.