Project Runway

Is Fear in Fashion?

Gentle reader,

Upon returning home from a crazy ass trip to Baltimore, I thought I’d try to wind down by catching up on last week’s Project Runway.  I used to love the show back when it was on Bravo but this is the last season I’ll be watching because an hour and a half every week is way too much time to spend watching these people make stuff you’ll never encounter in real life. 

Jim Goldberg Haiti

Flashback: Paris Photo Los Angeles

Gentle reader,

The latest season of Project Runway has been over for at least a week now and I still don’t know who the hell won that mess.  I don’t know how many two-hour episodes piled up on our DVR while we were in Las Vegas but I haven’t been able to make it very far through one before I have to turn it off and go to bed.  When I last checked in, the designers that made it into the top five were surprises to me, especially the chubby Hispanic guy with the huge mustache that designs for old ladies.  That loopy Native American girl makes interesting textiles but they rarely translate into successful garments and the producers have done her a disservice by not telling her early on in the season that wide, staring eyes don’t make you look sincere; they just make you look crazy. 

Olive Oyl Dressing


by James Tuttle

Gentle reader,

You’ve probably heard that the traffic in Los Angeles can be, well, challenging at times.  More specifically, it sometimes makes me want to drive my car off a cliff but there are fortunately no cliffs between Beverly Hills and central Hollywood so the worst that could happen would be crashing over a hedge into the Ralph’s supermarket parking lot.  My evening commute was especially nightmarish last week with D.J. Kaskade’s Twitter-incited riots one day and Lady Gaga’s last minute outdoor concert the next, both shutting down the streets of Tinseltown and causing epic delays.

Project Runway's hotness of yesteryear Jack Mackenroth (Rick Day photo)

When I finally dragged my annoyed ass through the door the other night, it was a wonderful surprise to see that the new season of Project Runway was about to start.  I mixed a drink, lit the ivy-scented Diptyque “Lierre” candle, a gift from the fabulous Miss Fay of, and settled in for the adventure.