I'm Zoe Over It


by James Tuttle

Gentle reader,

Everyone’s favorite anorexic superstar stylist is back for season four of Bravo’s Rachel Zoe Project and I don’t know how we made it so long without her stupid exclamations and her passion for fashion.  The big news is that Rachel is finally pregnant but, when we’re informed that her parents confiscated her dog because she and her husband Rodger were insufficiently nurturing pet-owners, this doesn’t seem like an ideal situation.

Stephen Bamber: This guy can’t steam either, but Rachel should, like, totally hire him. (Photo: R. Day)

She also says that she cried for two or three weeks when she discovered she was having a boy because she’d always dreamed of dressing up her daughter and sitting her on her knee at the Chanel show.  Rodger informs her that the baby is not a doll but she’s not having it.  “Yes. He is totally a doll,” she decides without a pause.  At least she’s happy now because she’s found really cute tiny boy clothes to dress him in.  Like, tiny leather jackets and tiny combat boots.  Bananas, right?