Maggie Gyllenhaal

The Golden Age of Television: A Summer of Madness and Sadness

Here’s what you think about HBO’s The Leftovers: You have no idea what to think. It’s the weirdest show outside of Adult Swim or some other willfully esoteric programming segment, if that’s the proper term for it, on a channel few people watch. It’s absolutely fucking weird and as addictive as the relentless smoking by the white-clad members of the show’s nihilistic Guilty Remnant cult.

Most people I’ve spoken to about The Leftovers haven’t made it past the first few episodes. That’s okay: I’m standing outside your window like a Guilty Remnant member, puffing away, waiting mutely, emotionless. You will succumb eventually.

Aden Young Rectify

Post Mortem: Is Sundance Channel Ready for Original Programming after ‘Rectify’?

If you want dark, groundbreaking TV drama, then the dark groundbreakers at Gran Via Productions would seem a logical choice: they developed and produced Breaking Bad. But TV is a writer’s world, not a producer’s like feature film, and without Breaking Bad’s creator Vince Gillian you’re not necessarily assured the same level of dark, groundbreaking entertainment.

The last episode of the first season of Gran Via’s Rectify aired last night,