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Little Mermaids: Swimwear for 2013

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I’ve never had much luck with Las Vegas and it has nothing to do with my success at gambling.  I don’t play cards or craps and I’d much rather throw my money at polo ponies and cocktails because then I know exactly where it’s going and I have a pretty fair idea of how much fun I’m going to have.  I put off visiting Sin City for years after achieving the legal drinking age,

Nicolita Swimwear 2013 Miami

Sink or Swim: Miami Swim Week 2013

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Just a couple of days ago, Scott and I braved the scorching temperatures of the San Gabriel Valley and traveled to the lovely village of San Dimas with our friend, the actress and singer Lainie Kazan.  I don’t really know whose idea it was to celebrate her granddaughter’s thirteen birthday at California’s largest water amusement park on a Sunday in mid-July but I’m going to slap them when I find out.  Aside from the wild Raging Waters’ parking and crazy heat, there were the surging crowds that were…well, one can’t accurately say “the unwashed masses” because they spent the afternoon splashing around in millions of gallons of water, but you get the idea.