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Sheer Nerve: London Fashion Week Spring 2013

Gentle reader,

You know, I was trying to watch that English chef with the weirdly large biceps fix up an Italian restaurant in Philly on Restaurant: Impossible the other night but it was hard to pay attention because I was getting all these texts from a kid staking out our front door and asking to kick it on our couch for the night.  Normally, we make our friends quite comfortable here but this guy stayed over one night last week when his apartment was “being fumigated” and after we’d gone to sleep, he drank all our tequila and moved the living room furniture around.  Then he climbed into bed between us and grabbed my dick.  Given that Scott was out of town and I was here alone, there was no way I was having a repeat performance of that shit.

Luckily, I had enough time between texting and wondering if I should call the police to learn that a successful Italian restaurant does not usually have a twenty-five page menu, microwaved pasta and décor that dates from 1984 when the Flashdance soundtrack would’ve been playing in the background.  Remember those leg warmers and torn up sweatshirts?  Wow, that was an era that never really needed to happen!

There were no leg warmers or sweatshirts on display at London Fashion Week for Spring 2013.  There wasn’t room for them with all those stripes that followed us from New York.  First, at Temperley London they formed bands of opaque color on sheer long dresses and full skirts in silhouettes inspired by the Dior New Look.  Later at Paul Smith they appeared horizontally and in varying widths on jackets and pants where there was also a healthy dose of color blocking on maxidresses in dark reds and yellows.  Stripes and color blocking both showed up at Jonathan Saunders’ feminine collection that ran the gamut of color.

Temperley London

Temperley London

Slip A Sable Under the Tree


by James Tuttle

Gentle reader,

While Scott was out the other day, I changed the channel away from Oprah’s Life Class that had been playing on a loop and filling us with good energy and positive affirmations.  She frequently has some fascinating topics but I guess I needed a kind of improvement show with some improvements that I could actually see.  HGTV was no help because, as you’ve probably guessed, the dreaded and pointless House Hunters and House Hunters International shows were on for the next nine hours and it wasn’t really a good night for any of the real networks.  After scrolling all the way down to the Food Network, I noticed that one of PFC contributor Eric’s favorites called Restaurant: Impossible was on so I poured a glass of red and settled in.

Nick Ayler: No improvement needed. (Ph: Rick Day)

I think I lucked out because this particular episode tackled a Mexican restaurant and we all know that nachos and margaritas are quite close to my heart.  This place was in Strongsville, Ohio, though, and I’m not sure how well Mexican food is interpreted in places like that.  If this show is anything to go by, it doesn’t fare so well.