Pissing in the SOPA


by James Killough  @James_Killough

I’m really glad I didn’t wax wrathful in these august pages about the SOPA/PIPA legislation, which the Suits at the studios and record labels tried to slither through Congress this week, or I might have pulled a Sullivan and called it wrong.  I really didn’t think it stood a chance of being defeated, but as of this morning it’s not looking good for the Suits, and the bill has been withdrawn.  I was preparing to migrate us to the parallel internet being set up as an emergency evacuation location by the Good Geeks at Reddit.com.

British actor Tom Cullen is mesmerizing in "Weekend." Photo: Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia.

With the amount of images we put on this site, which we just pluck from the lush wild gardens of the web without asking, or in most cases without giving credit because we have no idea who created them, my understanding is the legislation would have pretty much rendered us text-based, but I could be wrong.  I am familiar with the broad strokes of the bills, but not the details.  Basically, it would have made content sharing extremely difficult with all sorts of obstacles, although I really doubt anyone would have been policing a little blog like this sitting out in the nether regions of the internet throwing snowballs and leering at the big kids at the center of the universe.

Stalkers Anonymous


by James Killough

It’s one of those gay myths that the more homophobic you are, the more suspect your own sexuality.  I know there are many aspects of gay culture—the rainbow flag, Pride parades, the boom-boom wailing club music, to name a few—that make me want to retch, and often cause me to be adverse to the way we are perceived en masse.  I face the same ridiculous accusations from Gheys as I do from misguided patriots when I object to America’s behavior in the world arena and I’m called anti-American: if you slam gay culture, it’s seen as self-hatred.  Because of course rainbow flags and boom-boom wailing club music are a representation of who I am, and therefore disliking them must mean I dislike myself.  Ho hum.

Daphne Guinness is hardly a new face, she's actually a fashion-scene fixture at this point. I just like this image from Interview, and the fact she's well over 40 and still gets her "Billies" out.

While I do think there might be a kernel of truth about the rabid straight homophobe having issues with his own sexuality, I really hope it is the case for Rick Perry.  As I’ve said before, I think he’s smokin’ hot for an older guy, despite that JFK hair.  He is definitely worthy of being sodomized, over and over.  I can just see him sporting a crew cut, a jockstrap and work boots, and fastened into a sling for a jolly good fisting.