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Turn That Smile Upside Down: Milan Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2014

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Now that the dust has settled a bit after this month’s men’s Fashion Week marathon, I thought it might be a good time to look back over what we saw in Milan and Paris on that nine-day run when we’re less inclined to be swept away by the spectacle of the show or spew bile on a collection because we didn’t have a chance to have our morning coffee.

And by “we”, of course, I mean “I.” I don’t expect to be treated like a princess or anything but please don’t make me look at clothes, even my own, before I’ve had at least a gulp or two of coffee.

The general feeling in the industry over Milan seemed to be that everything was a bit sad due to the current economic picture in Italy and that the collections were workable but uninspired. 

Gucci Mens SS 2014

Milan Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014: Sporty Spice?

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As I was chomping at the bit for men’s fashion week to start in Milan, I briefly distracted myself by stopping by the opening of my fabulously stylish friend Caroline Cohen‘s art opening a few days ago at the lovely BoaSoa Gallery just off Melrose in WeHo.  After I got over how stunning she looked in her shimmering gold Hervé Leger bandage dress, I noticed some impressive large canvases lining the feature wall.  Each piece is a mixture of paint and collage and most paintings reference the peculiar mood a particular location like Paris or Bali.  There is enough layering and detail

Salvatore Ferragamo FW 2012

Stormy Weather: The Best Women’s Coats of 2012

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We were spared that nasty hurricane here on the West Coast but it’s still been a social whirlwind since returning from Mexico.  Saturday found us at a birthday party for some guy we didn’t know at our friend Cheyenne’s swank WeHo digs where Scott and I were the only people wearing shirts.  This was the epicenter of Boys’ Town so I guess we should have expected as much a week either side of Halloween.

Steven Arnold

‘Triplets, 1990’, by Steven Arnold

Before all these skinny, semi-naked queens made me feel overdressed and kind of chunky, we had the wonderful honor of joining our friend Stephanie Farago at the opening soirée for Steven Arnold: Cabinet of Curiosities at ONE Archives Gallery & Museum on Robertson Boulevard.  Steven and I go way back, even though we never actually met.  He passed away the year I moved back to California but, through our mutual marvelous friend Margot, I came to know his brilliant circle that nurtured me through my wild first L.A. years with wisdom and patience.  Surrounded by his work and his friends, I was inspired by his vision and challenged by how fiercely he put his sexuality on display at a time when I was struggling with my own.

Fast-forward to 2012 when Steven’s surreal black and white photographs are being exhibited at the adorably bare bones ONE Gallery until 13 January 2013 alongside some of his erotic drawings, paintings and late 60s poster art.  It was an interestingly curated show and, though a few of my favorite photographs are absent, there are many that I hadn’t seen before.  On the way to the gallery, in fact, I texted Margot that I wished she were here and moments later was able to message a picture of her posed between two abstract buildings in one of Steven’s photographs.  I wrote, “I guess you are here after all.”  She replied that even she had never seen that picture before.  If you’re in the L.A. area, I suggest you go see it, too.

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2012

Drop and Give Me Twenty: Military Fall Fashion 2012

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I’m not really sure how I ended up watching the premiere episode of this military-themed competition show Stars Earn Stripes but I did so I might as well own up to it.  As you’d probably guess, the “stars” of the title have been plucked from near obscurity to be on this show because real stars are kind of busy.  The only ones I’d heard of were Jessica Simpson’s ex Nick Lachey and Dean Cain, who played Superman at some point.  And I’m not even sure about those two.

The challenges, on the other hand, are definitely kick-ass.  When you drop an untrained would-be celebrity from a helicopter into a murky lake wearing seventy pounds of combat gear and expect him to swim for a boat, then crawl through mud to a shooting range and take out several targets before blowing up an outhouse with a crate full of explosives, you know these bitches are serious.  Even so, watching the same progression of events four times gets a little tedious until the two biggest, blackest, toughest guys both nearly drown right off the bat and have to be fished out of the damn water.  They say white guys can’t jump but it looks like black guys can’t swim, either.

Andrew McLaren Shirtless

Hunky trainer Andrew McLaren

My Future’s So Bright: Milan Men’s Collections

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I finally caught a few minutes of the new VH1 series Mob Wives Chicago over the weekend and it seems to be mostly about the short, mean-looking one named Pia running around and causing drama with all the other cast members.  The episode I saw started with the one who looks like an old Snookie and the tragic kinky perm one meeting up in a sad coffee shop to bitch about the rest of them.  Then midget stripper Pia hangs out with spacey Christina in some rooftop garden and decides to go visit the blonde with the Real Housewives extensions at her optical shop.  As you can imagine, that doesn’t really go well especially after it becomes apparent that the stripper and Real Housewives chick’s boyfriend go way back.