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REVIEW: ‘The Spectacular Now’ and the Perils of Being Charming

Call me an optimist, but I’m getting this surge of hopefulness that we’re seeing a return to psychological realism in dramatic feature films. I might very well be deluded by the fact that the indie films I’ve reviewed recently are coincidentally departing from the willfully quirky, contrived fare that became the mainstay for American movies emerging from the festival circuit over the past fifteen years or so. Even that progenitor of willfully quirky narrative,

Kung Fu Pansy


by James Killough

I know, PFC being a filmed content company and all, I should kick off the weekly recap with something about the Golden Globes.  I wrote a few paragraphs about the noms, but then I fell asleep on the delete button or something because when I woke up all those forced snarky paragraphs were blank.

20-year-old Woodley dances circles around George Clooney in "The Descendants." Hers is a seemingly effortless performance that only highlights the fact Clooney should really stick to comedy.

While I was sparing you a tirade about how bored I am with what’s on the screen these days, I believe I dreamed about the funniest thing I read this week: Keanu Reeves’ directorial debut, The Man From Tai Chi, is a go with Chinese financing.  This is presumably because no studio in town would touch it.