The Cold Civil War


by James Killough

My dear friend Phil Hoskins is a lawyer who specializes in estate planning for Gheys, a somewhat more complex legal situation for those of us who are denied the same rights of inheritance and whatnot.  Over a protein shake in Weho the other day, Phil said, “DOMA is the most pernicious piece of legislation since slavery.”

Who else?

President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage this week was monumental, of course, quite possibly more so than even the gay community at large seems to realize.  I went out for a celebratory drink at Gym Bar on Wednesday after a meeting, raised my glass and bellowed out a toast to the President.  I was met with absolute indifference.  It’s probably because they were engrossed in urgent gossip, and because most Gheys have a blinkered view about marriage; many are unlikely to take this most hetero-normative of steps with our relationships in our lifetimes.  We’re men: few of us daydream about ideal weddings, or make it any kind of priority, not with so many other possibilities out there.  We’re thrilled if a relationship lasts six weeks past the first encounter.