Valentino Mens Paris F/W 2013

Du Sublime au Ridicule: Paris Men’s Fashion Fall 2013

Gentle reader,

After falling head over heels in love with men’s fall fashion in Milan last week, the Paris shows have left me feeling like I need to change my status to “It’s complicated.”  I had high hopes that the super-skinny 60s-inspired shapes, nerdy glasses and fantastic outerwear would continue and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with Valentino’s amazing collection on the first day, which was more than a distillation of the best shows in Milan; it was an elevation.  The tailoring was impeccable and, even though you might not show up to the office wearing a cape over a plaid jacket and ever-so-narrow cropped pants, this show made me think about trying it. 

Salvatore Ferragamo by Sonny Vandevelde

Revenge of the Nerds: Milan Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2013

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Milan Men’s Fashion Week strikes again.  The timing actually seems to make more sense this year because it’s so fucking freezing in LA right now that I wouldn’t mind wearing one of next year’s coats over the one that I bought this season.

Saturday was a big day with a lot of important shows beginning with Jil Sander’s for Jil Sander in the morning.  Her collection is simple with boxy, minimal shapes and featuring the double-breasted jackets and large-scale plaids that you’re going to see everywhere next fall.  I was a little disappointed by the Ermenegildo Zegna show after their slim, sexy collection for Fall 2012, which was my favorite in Milan last year.  This year’s is more rocker than usual but struck me a bit cold with its pale grays and shiny silk fabrics.

Sailors and Saints: Paris Men’s Collections

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Go ahead, I won’t tell anyone.  Just admit that you were as excited about the premiere of TLC’s new series Craft Wars as I was.  Handy as I am at gold leafing a vintage fauteuil or covering picture frames in rare imported silk, I’ve got nothing on those bitches with the cardboard and glue guns.  And forget about bedazzling!  I also like competition shows where people have to complete difficult tasks under ridiculous time constraints because, hey, life isn’t stressful enough already.

It’s always nice to see what Tori Spelling is up to, too.  As host of Craft Wars, it seems that her main goal is to say the word “craft” as many times as she possibly can:  Craft Wars, crafting, crafters, craft closet, arts and crafts, craft experts, etc.  I think she said it enough times in the first forty-five seconds that I can now entirely eliminate it from my vocabulary.

Rogues and Romance in Milan


by James Tuttle @TuttleMode

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It was only a matter of time before I finally happened upon the tantalizingly titled Storage Wars on A&E and, despite that it’s about people bidding on the contents of abandoned storage lockers, I was looking forward to something sophisticated and informative.  A&E stands for “Arts and Entertainment,” after all, and is the home of Downton Abbey and Masterpiece Theater.  Oh, wait, that’s PBS!  A&E has Dog The Bounty Hunter and Hoarders, which is an entirely different thing.  Still, it couldn’t be too bad, right?

The Patriota twins hit the Milan runways this week, but they look even better without clothes. Photo: Stewart Shining

Well, the opening titles are pretty hokey and, when they introduce the regulars on the show, it’s obvious that not one of them arrived in time for hair and makeup.  I especially remember Jarrod and Brandi (their real names!), a young couple acquiring merchandise for their shop.  There is also an older guy, Barry, who has a voice like Charlie Sheen but seems like a charming, cultivated gentleman who could keep you entertained for hours with stories of the escapades of his wild youth.  Charlie Sheen might be able to do that some day, too, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.