Put the Blame on Mame, Boys


by James Tuttle (@TuttleMode)

Gentle reader,

After playing some wildly fun chukkers at Bel Air Polo Club followed by a busy day with some of my favorite clients that rivaled the conspicuous consumption of the Nineties, I just wanted to camp out on the couch while watching TV and intermittently gazing at Brad Pitt’s W Magazine cover.  I poured a glass of wine and scrolled down the cable guide when I spotted a show called “Fashion Week” on QVC and thought, “Holy shit, that’s awesome!  Now I don’t have to search out every obscure collection on YouTube to find out what’s going on at New York Fashion Week!”

Rafael Lazzini doesn't have the slightest relationship with NYFW. (Ph: Stewart Shining)

I thought I’d scored when NY Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis appeared in a lovely mocha caftan and her signature frizzy hair standing next to a glamazon in a tight pink dress, who looked like that hot chick who turns out to be an android in those sci-fi movies.  They were chatting about how the weather is always crappy during Fashion Week, then they turned their attention to some multi-strand bead necklaces that Fern herself has designed and they’re for sale, like, right now by calling 1-800-345-1515!

I'm Making a List


by James Tuttle | @TuttleMode

Gentle reader,

Aside from last week’s Christmas episode of Glee, which was on in the background as I was wrapping endless presents, there hasn’t been much time for TV in this hectic last week of work and shopping and cardio.  And I say “cardio” because the year I go home for Christmas and my mother doesn’t make a big deal about how horribly thin I am is the year I get liposuction.

Brazilians don't wear Santa hats. (Photos: Stewart Shining for Made in Brazil 4)

The shopping wasn’t too bad.  Scott was working so I singlehandedly braved the crowds at Los Angeles’ wildly popular shopping and entertainment epicenter The Grove on Sunday and got through almost my entire list in under two hours.  My tips on achieving this kind of shopping efficiency are: