Stalkers Anonymous


by James Killough

It’s one of those gay myths that the more homophobic you are, the more suspect your own sexuality.  I know there are many aspects of gay culture—the rainbow flag, Pride parades, the boom-boom wailing club music, to name a few—that make me want to retch, and often cause me to be adverse to the way we are perceived en masse.  I face the same ridiculous accusations from Gheys as I do from misguided patriots when I object to America’s behavior in the world arena and I’m called anti-American: if you slam gay culture, it’s seen as self-hatred.  Because of course rainbow flags and boom-boom wailing club music are a representation of who I am, and therefore disliking them must mean I dislike myself.  Ho hum.

Daphne Guinness is hardly a new face, she's actually a fashion-scene fixture at this point. I just like this image from Interview, and the fact she's well over 40 and still gets her "Billies" out.

While I do think there might be a kernel of truth about the rabid straight homophobe having issues with his own sexuality, I really hope it is the case for Rick Perry.  As I’ve said before, I think he’s smokin’ hot for an older guy, despite that JFK hair.  He is definitely worthy of being sodomized, over and over.  I can just see him sporting a crew cut, a jockstrap and work boots, and fastened into a sling for a jolly good fisting.