The Rouge Follies


New show this Thursday, Dec. 6

Gentle reader,

To be honest, the enchanting couple of hours spent at The RouGe FoLLiEs at Hollywood Boulevard’s King King didn’t start out so enchantingly.  First of all, as I discussed with Killough as we walked down shabby back streets to the club, I was confused about why the show wasn’t called Les Follies Rouges, which would’ve been grammatically correct if not entirely original, and also what’s with the random capitalization?  Was some artistic pretentiousness afoot?  ‘Cause you know how I hate that.

Let My People Go

A very sweet thing happened last night.  One of the younger denizens of the dormitory-slash-tenement I wound up living in by some cruel twist of luckless fate came by to offer his support in my defense against the (in my opinion) nefarious Susan Blais.  He not only offered to testify...