Money Makes the World Go Round: Paris Couture Fall 2012

Gentle reader,

The Haute Couture shows in Paris came hot on the heels of Paris Men’s Week and everyone in the fashion world is now talking about the new face of couture.  Since a single couture ensemble usually runs upwards of a hundred thousand dollars, I’m not really sure what impact that will have on most of us but I think a lot of it has to do with the evolution of couture cornerstone Christian Dior‘s aesthetic now that their new hotshot designer Raf Simons is finally in place.

I must admit that the Dior show was quite a moment in fashion as the Belgian designer made his distinct mark at the iconic house yet stayed true to its heritage but, in the end, I didn’t really like the clothes.  Sorry.  I’ve noticed that other observers, in the midst of their gushing praise, have fixated on the different colored flowers that covered the walls of each of the rooms where the show took place and I believe that’s rather telling.

Aside from that, if you’re feeling a bit spendy and didn’t catch the other shows, let me give you a quick overview: