Paris: Where the Men are Glamorous and the Sheep are Scared


by James Tuttle @TuttleMode

Gentle reader,

After some practice chukkers for next month’s Second Annual U.S. Gay Polo Tournament, I was a little sore and battered so I cleaned off my boots and crashed in front of the TV.  On the screen was some show I’d never heard of called Love & Hip Hop on VH1.  This sounded like something I’d enjoy watching about as much as “Love & Skateboarding” or “Love & Pictures of Disgusting Skin Diseases” but I was too tired to look for anything else.

On the sofa after polo practice, hand on the... Wait! That's not the remote!

As I tuned in, an older black lady with a five-pack-a-day voice was going on stage at a nightclub to introduce her new single.  It looked like one of those nights when they wait until everyone’s wasted enough for some unknown pop act to go up and lip-synch their soon-to-be dance hit without getting booed off the stage.