Nights In Rodarte: Dreams And Nightmares


by James Tuttle

Gentle reader,

Welcome back, Real Housewives of Orange County!  I’ll be damned if every single season you don’t look more like a bunch of high-class prostitutes.  It seems that there’s only one place to shop behind the Orange Curtain and it only stocks jersey frocks with spaghetti straps and plunging necklines.  Fashion is about making choices, girls, not about dressing like you’re all bridesmaids at the same Cabo San Lucas destination wedding.

The Electric Plastic Frosted un-Real Housewives of OC voguing jersey knit realness.

I don’t get down to Orange County very often, actually never, but I’ve been assured by those who do that it’s very conservative, rather suburban and that the women who live there actually do sport fake blonde hair, fake tans, fake lips and fake boobs just like the Real Housewives cast.  It seems like they’re trying to replace the real beauty that comes from a woman embracing and expressing who she is with some kind of bland, plastic imitation.  To put it into perspective, this is coming from someone who lives in L.A.  Ouch.