Pucci F/W 2014

Fall Forward: Women’s Fall 2014 Fashion Trends, Pt. 2

Gentle reader,

In the final phase of preparation for the top-shelf luxury Cancun trip that the folks at Nerium are sending us on, I popped into a few shops today in hopes of finding a pair of light turquoise-colored shorts that would perfectly complete my poolside wardrobe.  Even though I know that all the high-end boutiques having been carrying only the fall collections for a month or more now, I was hoping that someplace like Zara or Urban Outfitters would still have some summer clothes, especially in the midst of the flip-flop and shorts clad Saudi and European hordes that have descended upon L.A.  Alas, I walked in from the 90-degree heat to be thwarted by flannel shirts and chunky sweaters at each attempt.