Charmed Channing: Magic Mike Review

Channing Tatum Magic Mike

Kimball and Killough decide to strip down to the basics with their video review of MAGIC MIKE. As Killough says in the review, “If Matthew Macconaughey can take his shirt off, so can I… he’s close to my age.  Or my age in my Manhunt profile.”

Enjoy the show:


Both Kimball & Killough rate Magic Mike:


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  • James Tuttle June 27, 201211:02 pm

    Welcome back to the film reviews, guys! But Pasolini? Visconti? Really? I’m sure it was fun but do you think you might have got carried away a bit? You’ll probably say the same thing, though, when you eventually see my Milan Fashion Week round-up.
    Good work!

    • Avatar photo
      James Killough June 28, 201211:17 am

      Well, according to all sources, I nailed the filmmakers’ intentions bang on the nose. It’s pretty obvious to a film buff when you watch it. It’s ROCCO and I VITELLONI without as much violence.

  • Eric J Baker June 28, 20128:06 am

    I got carried away and took my pants off during the review.

    • Avatar photo
      James Killough June 28, 201211:19 am

      Nice. I’ve taken dinner off the diet. And I’m not even looking at food because apparently that puts on weight after 45, too.

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