James Bond

What Would You Wear to a Casino?

Nowadays you can watch poker tournaments on television, and because of this going to a casino seems much more casual than in comparison to the Hollywood portrayals of glamorous women and serious men with sharp suits. While it is certainly true that you can get away with dressing smart casual...

Peter Sarsgaard The Killing

ICYMI — Filming Wrong So Very Right

We were upset by The Newsroom episode two weeks ago that had a secondary plot line about Troy Davis‘s institutionalized killing by the the State of Georgia in 2011 — he was in all likelihood innocent. There are myriad problems with capital punishment, but getting it wrong is probably the worst of them.

Little did we know that we were in for a double whammy on the death penalty issue within a week. Those of us who also follow AMC’s The Killing were hoping against hope that Peter Sarsgaard’s character, Ray Seward, would get a last-minute reprieve

Tilda Swinton Snowpiercer

ICYMI — The Future is Cold

We’re adding a new regular feature to the PFC site, a mixed salad of items we’ve mined from various sources, namely our friends and likes and contacts who have pilfered them from their friends and likes and contacts. As if you weren’t sick of Facebook already… But at least here we won’t be showing off our vacation snaps and apparently making everyone else depressed and envious. Not that we care enough

Brit Marling by Bruce Weber

REVIEW — ‘The East’: A Conspiracy for a Conspiracy Makes the Whole World Blind

There can be no greater incidental marketing boost for a specialty theatrical release like Zal Batmanglij’s The East than the global surge of righteous rage against evil food giant Monsanto and the release this weekend of the WikiLeaks documentary We Steal Secrets, which apparently portrays Julian Assange rather unfavorably at times (as I’ve parodied in another post, I think he’s hilarious).

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