What Would You Wear to a Casino?

James Bond

Nowadays you can watch poker tournaments on television, and because of this going to a casino seems much more casual than in comparison to the Hollywood portrayals of glamorous women and serious men with sharp suits. While it is certainly true that you can get away with dressing smart casual in most casinos nowadays, there are also certain casinos who have an upmarket clientele who do go that extra mile in terms of glamour. It is all about knowing where you are going and what kind of people usually go there, though many people are not used to this any more due to playing at online establishments such as www.gamingclub.com/au/online-blackjack, where you don’t have to dress up.

If you were going to Las Vegas for example, in most of the casinos people are dressed casually because they are on holiday or stag and hen parties and party all the way through the day and night. It is common to see people in shorts and t shirts, summer dresses, and everything in between. In the more upmarket casinos though you can find people dressed very glamorously in evening wear and even tuxedos. You can usually guess why they are there from the way they are dressed which is why it’s important to think about your clothes when going to a casino because it projects something about you.

If you want to socialise in different circles and meet some of the high rollers then you should wear a well-tailored dress or a fashionable trouser suit with a ¾ length trouser teamed with stilettos. Bear in mind that you may be standing around a lot so you should feel comfortable enough to do that in your footwear.

If you intend to have dinner and then watch a theatre show or the ballet, or whatever form of show is on at that particular theatre you could wear an elegant mid length dress and go all out in the glamour stakes.

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